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Mission, Vision and Guiding Statements


EIS East Guiding Statements


The English International School of Moscow, East, will provide high quality, contemporary style education, for both local and international students, using the best of British and international curricula; ensuring the students are happy, challenged and safe.


Our mission is to:

  • Promote Diversity, Understanding, Identity and Passion within the school community.
  • Offer an innovative and challenging educational programme so students strive/attain/achieve the highest of academic standards
  • Offer a broad and balanced curriculum within an active and varied educational environment to develop future global citizens
  • Actively embrace and integrate technology so as to equip our students in an ever evolving digital age
  • Ensure EIS is a school that accepts, respects and supports students with different levels of English language
  • Seek diversity, experience and commitment in the teaching staff it recruits
  • Provide a welcoming and supportive environment for students, parents, and staff
  • Provide a happy and positive experience for all our students
  • Ensure that pupil safety and welfare is paramount
  • Foster a truly international atmosphere with a diverse student body and respect of other cultures and traditions
  • Facilitate international events in the school that enhance the students' learning
  • Value being in Russia and play an active role in the local and international community
  • Ensure EIS encourages and develops opportunities for student leadership at all ages

EIS East students will:

  • Develop a global outlook and enthusiasm for different cultures and perspectives
  • Show a strong intellectual curiosity and a demonstrated passion for learning for life
  • Demonstrate creativity and originality in exploring new ideas
  • Have the maturity, independence and self -confidence to take on leadership roles
  • Show an adventurous spirit and a desire to embrace new challenges
  • Develop a commitment to community engagement and making the world a better place

  CIS Section ‘A’ Committee – 9th January 2016