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These are just some of the kind comments that parents have made in their letters to me during the last year.

David Lowder


...Please accept my deepest gratitude for all you are doing for kids. My girls perceive time in EIS as best ever schooling in their life. They’ve learnt from you to be open, not to be scared of their ideas, to dream, but also to be responsible and take a challenge.
I thank you so much! The time in EIS we never forget.
…It's been a pleasure having the boys in EIS Moscow. They have really grown and learnt a lot this year, not just in the core subjects of literacy and numeracy but in a wider sense about the world around them. They are happy and contented and enjoy learning. We are very grateful for what the school has given them and hope we can find them a new school in our new location with similar values and attitude to education.
My three daughters have attended your school for the last three years, and I want to express my deep gratitude for the intellectual and life lessons you gave them. The education you nourished them is basic and decisive in their future life; it widens their horizon and helps them to be successful in any field they choose. I assure you that my children will cherish for long the good memory of their kind teachers and schoolmates.
Please, convey this message to the entire staff member of your School to whom our gratitude must also reach for the family approach they showed to my children and to other Namibian children who attended the school.
…Thank you again the good communication we had – as a parent I valued it a lot. And again congratulations on the wonderful school you and your staff have created in Moscow.

...I actually want to thank you for giving the kids (6-7 year olds) this chance to learn so much the past week, about each other, about different countries, & the world! Even at such a small age to be able to stand up and happily give presentation with confidence! I was amazed! And to give us 'the parents' this opportunity to be there & participate! It's great how you are keeping them so busy learning & enjoying being at school! I was personally delighted to participate!

...Thank you so much for Sochi trip! It was grand event for our son. He got a lot of unforgettable experiences and emotions. It was his first trip without parents)). Thank you, everything was organized perfectly!!!! He has no problems! He came very satisfied and happy!)