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Curriculum Overview

The English International School, Moscow East curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum, enhanced to meet the needs of the expatriate population. Essentially this means that in addition to the core curriculum, there is an opportunity for pupils to study Russian. Expatriate students are introduced to the Russian language and fluent Russian speakers can maintain familiarity with their native language. All pupils learn about the culture, history and geography of Russia.The English National Curriculum is a set of subjects and standards used by schools in England and by British style international schools.  It covers what subjects are taught and the standards students should reach in each subject.

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High academic standards depend on a good working environment and a willing student. The school is lucky to have excellent facilities and educational resources. The programme is well balanced: there is time for music, drama and sports as well as academic work.        

Primary Department

Age Year Key stage
3-4 Nursery Early Years Foundation stage
4-5 Reception Early Years Foundation Stage
5-6 Year 1 Key Stage 1
6-7 Year 2 Key Stage 1
7-8 Year 3 Key Stage 2
8-9 Year 4 Key Stage 2
9-10 Year 5 Key Stage 2
10-11 Year 6 KeyStage2

The Early Years Department includes children in Nursery and Reception.  They have their own home base, on the ground floor, and their own adventure playground, and are taught by Early Years specialists and bilingual assistant teachers.

Primary Department
Children in Years 1-6 (aged 5 to 11) have their own light, airy and well equipped classrooms, each with an interactive whiteboard.

English and Mathematics start the day. Science, History and Geography, Art and Music, Russian, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and PSHE are part of the regular weekly programme. French is taught from age 7. Class teachers are helped by well qualified assistants.

Extra lessons in English are available in small groups for those starting out in a new language. There is a charge for these classes, which are also taught by qualified staff.
Physical education and sports are taught at least three times a week, and include use of nearby sports hall and swimming pool. Supervised play time is daily, outside whenever possible.

Secondary Department

Age Year Key stage
11 - 12 Year 7 Key Stage 3
12 - 13 Year 8 Key Stage 3
13 -14 Year 9 Key Stage 3
14 - 15 Year 10 Year 1 of the two year IGCSE course
15 – 16 Year 11 Year 2 of the two year IGCSE course
16 - 17 Year 12 Sixth Form  First Year of A Levels
17 - 18 Year 13 Sixth Form  Second  Year of A Levels

The secondary school curriculum, from Year 7 upwards, closely follows the British model. Years 7 – 9 take the Key Stage 3 programme of study. Years 10 1nd 11 are a two year International Certificate of Secondary Education course. Major subjects include:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • French
  • Russian
  • ICT/Computing
  • History
  • Geography
  • World Studies
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education

The science curriculum comprises Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

At 16, all students sit the International Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination in 8 to 10 subjects. This is an external award, ideal preparation for the Sixth Form and the Advanced Level examinations.

Our partners are the University of London and the University of Cambridge, which set, mark and certify the examinations.

All students are set homework each day. The amount and content increases as the students get older and are able to undertake more  independent study.


The Sixth Form

The English International School, Moscow East has high expectations of our students both in work ethos and behaviour. Sixth Form students have reached an age where they  are young men and women, so we want to them to realise their independence  within the school structure.

The Sixth Form is a two year programme focussing on studying their chosen Advanced Level subjects. It is obviously a very crucial two years as it is the step before going off to college or university.

We treat this period of time very seriously and encourage and support the Sixth Form students in every which way we can. This will come in the form of direct teaching of the A Level academic programme and university and college guidance.  A Level success qualifies them for entry to major universities worldwide.

The Sixth Form is allocated a common room and study area for private study. There is a Sixth Form Committee and elected Head Girl and Head Boy who are important senior ambassadors for the school.

We aim to ensure our ‘ blossoming ‘ Sixth Form will develop into a truly successful pinnacle of the English International School, Moscow East campus.